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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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Wholesale Accounts:
Approved wholesale buyers will receive a username and password by email granting them access to our wholesale ordering pages.


Getting Started with Pre-Packs:
Pre-packs help resellers to order moving butterflies and moths in bulk quantities that customers are known to buy more frequently than others. We’ve simplified bulk ordering by offering four different assorted pre-packs according to typical customer demand for our butterfly, and moth insect species replicas. Items listed for pre-packs are recommended quantities based on actual sales popularity!

Make Your Own Choices:
If you wish to have another combination of our products than what's listed for the pre-packs below please place your custom order using our online shopping cart by adding the products individually or call us with a list of your selections. We recommend wholesale buyers purchase Pre-Packs and Demo Kits to make ordering easier for when they are first starting out with our unique product line.

Retail Sales Advice:
We are available to come to your location and professional set up your store displays. It is very important for the butterflies to be displayed where customers will notice them and have multiple kits together for an impressive effect. This will make a big difference once the customer realizes that the moving butterflies are for sale. It also helps to place them near cash registers and anywhere there is a lot of traffic and people standing around. To make sure to catch your customer's eye, use more than one butterfly for your store display. It is also important to have signs that indicate the moving butterflies are "For Sale". We include a color price sign available for download and is sent along with a wholesale order upon request. This will direct their attention to the fact the butterflies are for sale and not just for store decoration. You must educate your sales people as to how they work and review all the important common questions customers may ask. There for your customer realizes that this is a unique, special product that goes beyond most novelty gift items. Encourage your customers to purchase Add-ons so that they can experience a flock of fluttering butterflies.

The 'Wings in Motion' butterflies have been one of my best selling products this year. Everyone loves them!

- Brooke,
Follow Your Heart,
Canoga Park, California

Wholesale Gift Buying
Pre-Packs and Demo Kits

North American Butterflies

Tropical Forest Butterflies
Themed Wings

Dragonfly Duos
Kit Accessories

Wholesale Buying Made Easy:
We include a variety of ways for you to sell our products. Our staff can assist you with any sales advice you may need to best market the butterflies. We can also direct you as to the most effective way to demonstrate the motion of the butterfly products in your store, sales presentations, trade shows and where ever you may need to market them effectively. We can provide you with information about setting up your a display in your store and can come to your location and set it up for you under certain circumstances. Please contact us for all your wholesale and resale needs.

Demo Kits for Storefront Display:
We offer up to two demo kits, per customer per year, at almost 10% off the regular wholesale unit price to make it easier for you to affordably display them in your store or business. The special discount is intended to stimulate retailers to use them in high visibility, high traffic areas so that their customers can see and appreciate them as they automatic flutter their life-like wings. This way customers will see the product in motion and ask your store clerk how much they are and where in the store more of the same can be found.

"The butterflies have been a great attraction to the Papillon Lounge. Our customers find it hard to believe that the butterflies aren't real. They enjoy them so much that they express an interest in wanting to buy them for themselves. That is why we have added them to our hotel gift shop."

- John, Manager of Loews Beach Hotel
Santa Monica, California

Increase Store Co-Selling:
We welcome you to carry our Wings in Motion moving butterflies in your store. They are very popular and sell themselves. There is a great opportunity in many areas to sell these wonderful butterfly products. There are many locations that could increase their venue by adding butterflies to their retail store. Stores such as, gift shops, home and garden centers nature stores, novelty shops, and anywhere people can appreciate butterflies can be quickly accented with moving wings.

Product Display Racks Available:
If you represent a retail store please contact us by wholesale online, phone or email to place your order. We also offer free shelf labels in various sizes and we have pre-made racks and shelving for in store display available to display our unique line of moving butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and themed wings.

Manage a web site and want to sell our products?
Contact us at:info@dreamcatcherglobal.com
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