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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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Wings in Motion
- Provides six species of butterflies of an unparalleled level of likeness to the real thing. Check out the links page for hard to find niche market items.

Entomon.net - Nature gift butterflies with art paper butterfly kits . There is also a lot of recent pictures and photographs added, including flowering plants that look like insects.

Beauty Worlds - Interesting butterfly symbolism as well as informative articles and photos about butterflies, orchids, beauty and various cultures from the past to the present.

Giant Moths - A Saturniidae collection with images of over 100 different species of giant moths indigenous to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Entomology - Texas A&M University is one of the top entomology departments in the United States and is well known for its research and teaching.

Russian Butterflies - A place where you can trade, buy and sell lepidoptera, coleoptera and odonata insect species from Russia and the rest of the world. Top 100 Insect Sites

Palaeartic Butterflies - This is a resource for those looking for insects from the Palaeartic region for scientific study and framed display.

UK Moths - Featuring images and facts from over 1283 species of moths from Great Britain and Ireland out of the 2400 species that have actually been recorded in the UK.

Mactode Nemapix - An educational resource for thousands of images of nematodes/ roundworm and out of print science books available on CD-Rom.

Garden Community - Over 100 categories of garden groups, garden zone finder, books, magazines, articles, free pictures and more.
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