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Postman - Magnet Wing
5.85" x 2.1" wings

Price: $5.95
   Fascinating Science Facts:

Heliconius Melpomeme, Mexico and the Amazon Basin

The Postman butterfly is also known as the Crimson-patched Longwing and is known to populate the world from Mexico to the Amazon Basin and Central America to Brazil in the neo tropical habitats of the openings and edges of the rainforest. This species commonly flies low over the ground along the edges of woods.

The Postman is typical of a large number of similar butterflies limited to the American Tropics. Heliconius melpomene is a poisonous butterfly of the Family: Nymphalidae and the Pupa Subfamily: Heliconiinae that feeds on the host plant passion flower foliage in the larva stage of life. The passiflora passion vine plant (talamancenis, coreacea and biflora) is suspected of rendering them distasteful to predators. Over time this forms the basis of mimicry complexes whereby butterflies and moths of several families fool their predators and gain collective protection because of similar appearance.

Longwings stay alive as adult butterflies for several months feeding on the proteins concentrated in pollen, necessary for their long-term egg production, while other butterflies are not known to feed on pollen.

Common and Latin Name:
Price: $29.95
Price: $25.95
Price: $5.95


(Heliconius Melpomeme)
Spare Wing

Price: $4.95
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