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  Top 26 Common Questions
1) What makes them work?
The Mechanical Butterflies Use a New Technology that uses a muscle like wire or memory wire found in modern robotics. This single strand of wire is made of a special nickel-titanium alloy. The material contracts, like a muscle, when heated by an electric current and relaxes again when the current ceases.
2) What is a complete butterfly? 
This is the Initial Electronic Butterfly that comes complete in the package with everything you need to plug it in and make it work. It comes with an AC adaptor and over ten feet of thin wire.

3) What is an Add-on?
An Add-on Butterfly comes packaged just like the complete and has a "Y" plug splitter power up to three add-ons and one complete kit by only one electrical outlet and AC adaptor.

2) Can they be plugged in all the time?
Yes! The Wings in Motion moving butterflies use a miniscule amount of electricity and can be safely plugged in almost all the time. This is also the case when you have additional add-ons strung together powered by one circuit.

3) Do they use a lot of electricity?
No! The the wire "muscle" used to make the butterfly move uses a very small amount of power. Even if left on 24 hours a day, it will cost pennies a week to operate. It is one of few products available that use such a low amount of power.

4) What type of current is needed to operate them?
AC 110 Volt 60H USA standard electrical outlet.

5) Are they battery operated?
We offer an accessory Battery Pack that will allow your butterfly to work for a few hours. The problem is that after a while as they get use the batteries start losing power and this causes the wings to slow down the fluttering frequency. You can purchase the battery packs separately and they will work with either a complete or add-on kit.
5) Do the generate any heat?
No! Even after hours or days of use, they do not get hot or create any type of fire hazard.

6) Do they make any noise or sound?
No! They are completely silent when they are in operation. You can place them in a bedroom or any location where complete silence is necessary. This is one of the very few products you can purchase that does not become annoying over time. The butterflies will add continual enjoyment indefinitely.

7) How many butterflies can be placed on one circuit?
It is recommended that you only have up to four butterflies powered from one AC adapter. This would be the same as one complete kit and three Add-on Kits. This is the limit because when you string more butterflies than this there is not enough supply current. You can use power strips and plug in as many AC adaptors as they will hold when setting up large displays.  Our butterflies are great for Office and Home Decorating.

How long is the wire from the transformer to the butterfly?
The butterlfy wiring is over 10 feet long from the AC Adaptor to the butterfly. This is split in two parts with 5 feet from the butterfly to the cocoon shaped circuit female end. The other 5 feet is from the AC adaptor to the male end of the plug.

What are the size of the butterflies?
Our Wings in Motion butterflies are slightly larger than the life size of a real butterfly. Some species in different geographic locations are smaller or larger depending on the conditions. Our moving butterflies average 4 1/2 inches across from the wing tip to wing tip.

10) How many different types of butterflies are there?
We currently we have 22 butterflies, dragonflies, moths and theme wings available. If you are not sure which to choose, we recommend the North American Butterflies for starters which includes the most popular: Monarch, Blue Morpho, Old World Swallowtail, Clodius, American Painted Lady and Dog Face Butterflies. We have many other beautiful specimens to choose from around the world. It is fun for students, collectors and everyone who loves to collect butterflies themed items.
11) Do you have other butterfly products available?
Yes! We have several butterfly products and accessory parts. This includes the Complete Kits, Add-on Kits, Magnet-Wings, Spare Wings, Y-Plugs, and AC Adaptors. Contact us for information on your butterfly product special request.

12) How many times do they move their wings?
The moving butterflies flap their wings 6-7 times a minute. They were designed to emulate a real butterfly as it airs its wings out while clinging to an object or plant. This calming, graceful movement is what makes them so realistic and soothing to watch. When you have multiple butterflies strung together their wings all flutter independently. This makes for an amazing butterfly garden effect .

13) What happens if the wings don't flap correctly? Is the unit defective?
Sometimes during shipping or unpacking, a wing may get pushed downward. To Fix It, gently pull the wing up with your fingers. Sometimes the wind, person or animal may brush up against your butterfly on display. If you notice the wing is bent down and not flapping, don't worry, just pop the wing back in place, it is very easy to do.

14) Are the butterflies hard to hook up?
They are very easy to hook up and are a lot of fun in the process. You simply take the butterfly out of the package make sure the wings are in the "up" position. Then take the tiny wire legs coming from the bug body and wrap the wires around an object.You can also use clear tape or a safety-pin to attach the butterfly legs in place. The butterflies are light and will usual stay where you securely attached. Meticulously hide the wiring for best visual effect, then plug the adaptor to any outlet or power strip. String along your add-on kits in this same manner. You can be as creative as you want when setting up beautiful multiple butterfly displays. If you have any trouble hooking up your butterflies please contact us for assistance. We assure you it is very easy and you shouldn't have any problems.

How do you attach the butterflies? 
The butterflies have tiny wire legs that can be wrapped around most any object or you can use clear tape to secure the lightweight body to virtually any thing.

Can they be hung on a wall or placed into a floral arrangement?
  They can be hung from a wall and it is best when doing so to find a way to hide the wiring to make appear as re alistic as possible. We do not recommend hanging it by the electric wire as it will not look as good. When attaching the electronic butterflies to Floral Arrangements it is preferred you use silk or artificial plants. If you use live plants the attached butterfly may stress the plant and if you water them this may be a fire hazard situation since they are electronic. Just use common sense and you will not have a problem.

17) Can the butterflies be placed outdoors?
No! The electronic butterflies were not intended for outdoor use. The butterflies may be affected by weather conditions causing them not to work and can be accidentally ruined. The wings will fade over time ifexposed to direct sunlight. The wings are very easy to change if they get damaged or decide to replace them. If you have an outdoor event having the butterfliesa out in the sunlight for a day of nice shiney weather should be fine. A lot of our customers use the moving butterflies for weddings and special events. Please contact us with your specific requirements for there use.

18) Do you have gift certificates?
Yes! Gift Certificates are available for your special person sent via postal mail or email. We can ship your order direct to them as well as send an attached personal message card in with your own words. Please let us know how we can assist you in making someone happy with a special butterfly gift.

19) Are your electronic butterflies available in other countries?
There are some countries where the butterfly products have been made for their electronic applications. If you purchase one made for 110 Volt you will need a plug converter made to adapt to your countries power supply.

20) What if I own a store and want to carry them?
We welcome you to Apply For Wholesale Ordering Access so that you can carry our Wings in Motion moving butterflies in your store. They are very popular and sell themselves. There is a great opportunity in many areas to sell these wonderful butterfly products. There are still many locations that have not been exposed to them across the country. Stores such as, gift shops, home and garden centers, nature stores, novelty shops, and anywhere people can appreciate colorfulness. We invite dealer inquires to contact us for information on selling and displaying our products.

21) Can I become a distributor for the butterfly products?
We have a Distributor Program available for those who want to sell our Wings in Motion moving butterfly products. You can inquire with us and we will set you up with everything you need to sell and market our products.

22) Do you have other products and services available?
Yes! We have associated companies that sell a wide range of home decorating products. These include imported African Art, Custom Dragons, Greek and Roman Faux Finished Statuary, imported hand crafted furniture and also Exotic Tours to South Africa. Please contact us for further information
23) What type of warranty do the butterflies come with?
The butterfly is made from a metallic wire and is designed to last for years. If it should fail becaue of manufacturers defect during the first year we will be happy to Replace It Free of charge. Please return the butterfly with all the components to the address provided on the package and this web site. Replacement does not include return shipping charges.
24) Are there quantity discounts?
Quantity discounts for both the retail and Wholesale markets are available as well as Retail Specials. Please contact us for information on our current promotions.
25) Does your company drop ship to our clients?
Yes! We can Drop Ship Our Products To Your Customers for you once you have been approved as a wholesale buyer. Drop ship cost will vary depending on the quantity of items and location sent to. Please contact us for the specific costs and requirements to your drop ship account today .

26) Where are the butterflies made?
All of the products are made in Southern California, USA.
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