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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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  Q: What is an Add-on?
Consecutive Butterfly Motion:
You can string up to three Add-on Kits with only one Complete Kit. Each butterfly Add-on you string along flaps its wings independently so they look very realistic decorated as a group. Each butterfly flaps it wings 6 times a minute.

Outlet Use Consolidation:
If you have a large display you can use multiple outlets on a surge protector to string together many butterflies, dragonflies, and moths, in moving action coming from only one plug in an outlet.

A Low 5 Watts of Energy:

They use such little power that they do not produce virtually any heat whatsoever on the ac adapters because they use less than 5 watts each. When decorating with a lot of butterflies this helps minimize the number of ac adapters needed and saves the hassle of having to use an excessive amount of wall and electric cord plug-in outlets. Y-plugs and ac adapters can be purchased separately as accessories.
Step by Step Explanation:
First you must have already purchased a complete kit butterfly which comes with the transformer and is ready to plug in and work.

Its easy, you just connect the plugs.
An add-on kit is an accessory butterfly that is powered by using its y-plug to split the power coming out of an ac adapter that comes with a complete kit or purchased separately as an individual accessory.
This is an add-on kit, it comes with the y-plug power splitter.

This is a complete kit, it comes with the ac adapter power accessory

Three Combo Kit:
This is what two add-on kits and one complete kit assembled looks like.
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