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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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  Q: Are they battery powered?
Accessory Battery Pack:
Butterflies come as complete kits or as add-on kits and can be powered by an accessory battery pack that holds 4 AA batteries. This battery pack will only work for a limited number of hours, then the wings move less frequently until the power is drained.

Price: $7.50
Battery Power Solutions:
If you have any battery power needs beyond what's offered on this site contact us so that we can help you find the best solution for your project.
Please note: We do not recommend using the battery packs for long durations of time or with multipule butterflies strung together.

1 - Y-Plug Power Splitter: Y-Plug Size: 0.8"x5.3"
Automatically included with an add-on kit. For use when you have only complete butterflies and want to convert them use up less AC adapters you can purchase additional y-plugs. They are always handy to have around as spare parts for those who will decorate with the animatronic butterflies regularly.

2 - AC Adapter Power Source: AC Adapter Cord Length: 6' 2" or 74"
The adaptor is automatically included in every complete kit package. This is what powers the butterfly and will plug into any 110V AC 60Hz power outlet. If you are in Europe you will need one of our 220V AC 50Hz European AC Adapters. You can purchase them separately as accessories to use directly with your butterfly add-on kits. They are designed to regulate the low voltage used to power the wire "muscle" which makes the butterfly wings flap.

Common and Latin Name:
Price: $4.50
Price: $4.50
Price: $4.50
4AA - Battery Pack
Accessory Part
Price: $7.50
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