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Blue Morpho is the King of All Butterflies.


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    Violet Morpho - Magnet Wing
4.30" x 3.70" wings

Price: $5.95
   Fascinating Science Facts:

Morpho Menelaus, Central America

The Violet Morpho is an iridescent blue butterfly that lives in the rainforests of South and Central America, including Brazil, Costa Rica, and Venezuela and belongs to the Genus: Morpho, Family: Morphoidae, Order: Lepidoptera, Class: Insecta and Phylum: Arthropoda.

As rainforest dwellers, they can often be found among the canopy. Blue Morphos fly rapidly through dense forests and are particularly active in bright sunlight where they love to perch and bask in the sun rays. The Morpho butterfly adults survive by drinking nectar from flowers, the juices of rotting fruit, rotting logs and tree sap using their straw-like proboscis mouth.

Morphos have about a 5 inch to 7 inch wing span. The appearance of its wing's upper surfaces are iridescent, from blue to mother-of-pearl colors. The underside resembles foliage in the fall, with shades of browns, gray, black and red-orange. Morphos make up some of the largest and most beautiful Lepidoptera in the world.

Caterpillars have hairs that irritate human skin. When they feed on rotting fruit or fermenting fungi the caterpillars will produce a smell like 'rancid butter' and if threatened they may release a strong smelling scent from a gland located between the forelegs.

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Price: $5.95
Price: $4.95
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